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Urban & Wilderness segway Excursions  


Fly solo Premium single      50 €

Fly solo standard                 40 €

Option four

Tripadvisor puts them at number one 

Parasailing is as relaxing as sitting in a swing, something we like to call Effortless Excitement! 

It's not a scary activity, nor is it an extreme sport. We carry a 100% safety record and pride ourselfs with customer satisfaction.


We are the only company on the Costa del Sol with the Highest and Longest flights, our Premium Experience

Option two

Option three

Option one 

No age limits!

Disability friendly!

Up to 600ft high!

Group discounts

Photographs available

Spectators welcome!
(Subject to availability on the day)

Please allow up to 2 hours for the trip

All flights, single or social, have a strict maximum weight limit of 200kg with 12km wind speeds. Subject to change due to weather conditions!

400m cable (200m flight) 15 min  Premium.

250m cable (120m flight) 10 min  Standard.

Premium double Fly two        90 €


Standard double fly two         70 €

Premium triple .Fly three                                 120€

Standard triple .Fly three                                            100€ 


Premium quadruple fly four.         160€

Standard quadruple fly four.         140€