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Segway Torreblanca hills tour.

Segway Paseo Maritimo tour

 Segway hire Castle and river tour.

This trek is around the 800 year old castle Suel of Fuengirola,where the segway will effortlessly glide all the way to the top of the hill with some spectacular views of Fuengirola coast , and we will go along the the river park where you can test out your new found skills on the segway x2 this tour is ideal for beginners as it  only last's an hour inc 10 mins of training. the cost of this tour is 35€.

Our guided  Segway tours can be tailor made to your specifications, you can hire them from half an hour to three hours if you have the energy, we can go any where in Andalusia from Malaga to Granada to Cordoba or to roman ruins in Cadiz we can visit ,muslim mosques, or ancient prehistoric dolmens, the choice is your's. You can drop us a line at .

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On this trek you will go up into the hill's of Torreblanca,and see some spectacular Andalusian countryside and views of the coast.On a clear day it is posible to see the coast of Africa and the Atlas and Rif Mountains on the horizon , you will be thrilled by the silence and peaceful surroundings, we will go around the finca de Katria, this tour is more adventurous and can be a little more tecnical and taxing. it runs for about 6 km ,the price for this tour is 45€ with 10 min practice.The tour is an hour and 30 min all inc. 

The cruises and helicopter tours are always available on request and are subject to  the amount of persons requiring the tour , please contact us and we will be delighted to inform you of all that is available

On this trek you will glide along the newly refurbished Paseo de Maritimo of Fuengirola where there are an abundance of restaurants and beach bars ,where a refreshing beer and tapa could be the order of the day. This tour crosses the sand  and along the beach towards a quiet cliff area and a wide open beach, this tour is truly relaxing and very easy and it lasts  an hour the price of this tour is 35€ inc 10 mins of training.

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Segway is a rage globally and many international tourist destinations are offering the self balancing gadget powered by a battery to tourists for personalised, unhindered and thrilling exploration. At Segtrekkerz, tourists can now cover large distances with great ease, they can last up to 4 hours ,and you can discover the lush green trails and scenic pathways.Segway is the best way to explore  in Fuengirola or Màlaga, because it is in sync with the ideology of an eco-friendly city. The fact that it uses minimal space, is extremely manoeuvrable with a zero degree turning radius and can operate with ease on pedestrian sidewalks and pathways makes it a very tourist friendly mode of transport. Tourists can enjoy zipping along roads, beachside promenade or the nature trails. These battery powered vehicles are not only conducive to be used on regular paths but also for mountain and adventure tours.